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Permit for Video Shooting & Film Making in Indonesia

The permit for a film / video shooting in Indonesia is granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jakarta, Indonesia. Application forms and statement can be requested and submitted through the Indonesian Consulate General in Toronto.

The application shall have the following attachments: 

  1. Formal letter to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Indonesia
  2. Formal letter to Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia in Toronto
  3. Company profile
  4. Synopsis Film
  5. Filming locations
  6. List of crew members and their positions
  7. Equipment list
  8. Schedule shooting
  9. Copy passport for crew
  10. Letter of solvency from bank guarantors in Indonesia and in country of origin
  11. Fill in the form (contact
  12. ​Statement (contact

Each application is subject to administrative examination by the Evaluation team in Jakarta  and the result of such examination shall determine whether or not approval to be granted. Such evaluation Team is a forum, known as the Clearance House, comprising of officers representing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Laws and Human Rights, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and other related authorities. For the smooth process of filming in some certain areas, foreign companies producing film in Indonesia must be accompanied by an appointed supporting team. For non-commercial purpose crews of foreign companies while conducting activities within the jurisdiction of Indonesia, are obligated to respect the local norms and traditions, as well as to conform with the prevailing law and regulations.