UPI Develops Teacher Education Framework

Thursday, 28 September 2017


Sydney, Australia: In light of the request by the Association of the South East Asian Teacher Education Network (AsTEN), a delegation from the University of Education (UPI) in Bandung, Indonesian chaired by Vice Rector Dr. M Solehuddin visited Sydney, Australia on 22-26 September 2017. During the visit, the delegation exchanged views on best education practices and experiences with the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) and the University of Sydney (USYD). Consul for Information, Social and Culture of the Indonesian Consulate General in Sydney, Ms. Zani Murnia and one staff accompanied the delegation during the meetings.

AsTEN - a network of premier teacher education institutions in the ASEAN region, has requested the UPI delegation to develop a 'Teacher Education Qualification Framework' that could be made applicable to all AsTEN member institutions.

"NESA provides a forum for collaboration on key educational matters in NSW and works in partnership with students, parents, teachers, principals, school sectors and other stakeholders to identify issues and produce policy that supports teaching practice and student learning, and the attainment of high education standards in NSW", explained Mr. David Cranmer, Director of Teacher Quality Policy at NESA.

In a separate meeting at the University of Sydney with David Evans, Associate Professor of Special Education, and staff members, the delegation received in-depth information on the positive and negatives of the education standards that have been implemented across NSW by NESA.

"Overall, having education standards is positive as they provide direction and framework to schools and institutions and create a 'common language' between them in regards to determining a 'good teacher", stated Dr. Wayne Cotton, Teacher Education Coordinator. "However, following these specific standards is a complex and lengthy process", Dr. Cotton continued.

The Australia visit follows a workshop UPI facilitated in Bangkok, Thailand earlier in the year about an ASEAN Qualifications Framework for Teacher Education. During the workshop, UPI presented a concept of Teacher Education Standards and Teacher Qualifications Framework for Quality Assurance Agencies for Teacher Education in ASEAN (QAA-TEIA). This recent trip to Sydney was an opportunity to build upon and refine this concept. (KJRI Sydney)